ACTGov on Recycling

Take your lids offYou need to take the lids off bottles and jars before you put them in the recycling bin.  Bottles and jars that still have their lids on can cause problems at the ACT recycling facility.  So, when you’ve finished with your bottles and jars, take the lids off – and then put the lot (bottles, jars, lids) in your recycling bin.

There are lots of other types of recyclable materials that you might not know about and might be incorrectly throwing in the garbage bin.  For example, rigid plastic take away food containers and toothpaste tubes can all be recycled.  Did you know toothpaste tubes and other semi-rigid plastics like sun cream tubes often become pencil cases after recycling!

You can check what can and can’t be recycled on the TAMS website A-Z Waste and Recycling Guide.