Advice on Beating the Heat

summer sun

Everyone as at risk during extremely hard weather but some people have a higher risk than others of becoming ill.  It is very important that those of high risk take extra care of themselves during hot weather.

Here is some simple advice to help you survive and thrive in Summer:

  1. Keep hydrated:  Drink regularly.  Have plenty of cold water and ice in the fridge.  Carry a bottle of cold water with you when you’re away from home.
  2. Eat sensibly:  Eat cold light foods such as salads and fruit, rather than hot or heavy options.  Avoid salty foods.  Try to eat normally even if you don’t feel like eating as your body needs energy to cope with the heat.
  3. Behave accordingly:  Follow your doctor’s advice if you have any medical conditions.  Keep physical activities to a minimum.  Avoid strenuous activities like gardening, home improvements, or sport.  Rest if you feel tired to conserve your energy.
  4. Stay cool inside:  Stay inside and out of the heat as much as possible.  Draw blinds and curtains to keep the heat out of the house during the day.  Open the house up when the sun goes down.  Use a fan or air conditioner set to cool.  Splash cold water on your face and the back of your neck.  Take a cool shower or bath or use a wet flannel or towel to wipe yourself down.  Freeze a damp cloth to use as a cold compress at night to keep your neck cool.
  5. Stay protected outside:  If you must go outside, go in the early morning or the evening when it is cooler.  Whether the sun is shining or not, use effective sunscreen, wear a wide-brimmed hat or use an umbrella, wear light-weight light-coloured loose-fitting long-sleeved cotton clothing, and wear effective sun glasses.  Visit air-conditioned libraries, galleries, theatres, shopping malls, or cultural centres.
  6. Check on others:  Monitor babies, children, elderly neighbours, and pets for any symptoms of heat-stress as they tend to be more vulnerable to the heat.