Bloomberg BNA on Social Media

Social Media Policy ElementsBloomberg BNAAs an employer, it is important to develop the appropriate mindset when it comes to managing social media use by your employees, and keeping your social media policies and practices up-to-date.  Here are a few best practices to consider from Bloomberg BNA:

  1. Avoid general, overbroad, and undefined terms. Read each portion of your policy and ask yourself whether an employee could reasonably interpret it
  2. Avoid overly subjective terms that place too much discretion in the hands of employers as to what does and does not violate the policy, but little advance knowledge in the minds of employees as to precisely what is prohibited
  3. Carefully consider what business interests need to be protected, and narrowly tailor your workplace rules to accomplish that
  4. Apply and enforce your policy consistently, and in a manner that reflects a true intention to protect the business interests need to be protected
  5. Stay abreast of all developments in this area of the law, and discuss any uncertainties with your legal advisers