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International Day of Forests – 21/Mar/2015

International Day of Forests 2015.03.21The ACT-ABC-Hub has helped plant 231.0 native trees in Australian forests by supporting Greenfleet, one of Australia’s most trusted environmental charities.

As we join the global community to celebrate the International Day of Forests on March 21, we are proud of our commitment to reduce our impact on climate change by offsetting our emissions with Greenfleet’s native forests.

2015IntlForestDay_Greenfleet_thanks to forests and treesForests and trees sustain and protect us in invaluable ways. They provide the clean air that we breathe, and the water that we drink. They host and safeguard the planet’s biodiversity and act as our natural defence against climate change.

Join the Hub and thousands of other individuals and organisations who take real climate action with Greenfleet and celebrate the International Day of Forests by donating to our environmental partner, Greenfleet.

The President on the Hub

As the new President of a substantial not-for-profit charity which faced significant industrial, financial and operational challenges, David provided not only a great sounding board, but invaluable strategic advice. He has a particular talent for understanding the dimensions of a complex situation and generating a number of viable options.

After conversations with David, I always came away feeling more positive and less daunted by the challenges we faced.  He provided significant practical support as well as including access to his extensive network of professional contacts.

I think the ACT Association, Business & Community Hub is a tremendously important development and should be widely supported.  Whatever dilemmas you face, I unhesitatingly commend David and his colleagues to you.

GreenFleet & the Hub

greenfleetDelighted to continue my 10-year association with Greenfleet. Climate change is a huge challenge globally. Greenfleet provides a cost-effective and satisfying way of making a contribution – more native trees, more oxygen, more native insects, more native birds, more native animals, and more jobs – but less carbon dioxide, less erosion, less global warming, and less climate change. What a magnificent result!

Let’s Do Coffee!

coffeeAre you an Association, Small Business or Not-For-Profit Group?  Are you chasing your tail rather than following your passion?  Are you struggling with your business paperwork?  Or are you just looking for a better simpler way?

If so, consider this offer from the ACT Association, Business & Community Hub.  While we share a cuppa and an obligation-free chat, you can tell us about your organisation and what challenges it faces – and we can give you some ideas about how the Hub may be able to help you make your life a whole lot easier.  Contact the Hub to book a time and place and join the growing number of people and organisations that have already taken advantage of this opportunity.  When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen!

Maree Nutt on the Hub

Maree-NuttThe Hub began providing bookkeeping and financial reporting services to RESULTS International Australia in June 2013.  At that time, RESULTS processes and reports were over-complicated and difficult to understand.  Through the efforts of the Hub, RESULTS financial processes and reports have become more streamlined and more accurate.

The Hub has provided professional, reliable and timely advice on many issues and also assisted our charity to implement processes for improved financial management over the long term.  It’s very reassuring, and a great relief, to have The Hub providing these services to RESULTS.

PaperChange Roundtable


In 2012, the Snow Foundation gave Black Mountain School a grant for its Art Program to develop PaperChange – a program to train students in the industrial art of making paper.  Black Mountain School now has its own handmade paper studio providing opportunities for students to build skills in paper-making.

Parents would like to see their graduating young adults continue to work in art related programs so that skills can be enhanced post-school.  A Roundtable is being held with parents to discuss interests and options, and foster relationships with post-school option providers that could lead to greater employment potential for graduating students..