oml logo“While OML focusses on what we do best – training fully qualified massage and Bowen therapists to safely and effectively treat those with a diagnosis or history of cancer – the Hub focusses on what it does best – providing customised value-for-money administrative support services.  The Hub contract will allow me to concentrate on growing OML – raising our profile, developing new products & services, and obtaining funding.”

  • The President of a Substantial Not-For-Profit Charity in the ACT

anon woman“As the new President of a substantial not-for-profit charity which faced significant industrial, financial and operational challenges, David provided not only a great sounding board, but invaluable strategic advice. He has a particular talent for understanding the dimensions of a complex situation and generating a number of viable options.

“After conversations with David, I always came away feeling more positive and less daunted by the challenges we faced.  He provided significant practical support as well including access to his extensive network of professional contacts.  I think the ACT Association, Business & Community Hub is a tremendously important development and should be widely supported.  Whatever dilemmas you face, I unhesitatingly commend David and his colleagues to you.”

margmort“The Hub started assisting Pegasus in February 2013.  At that time we were in need of administrative assistance as well as the need to improve our financial and filing systems,  including salary payments.  David Bailey and Sue Harradine very quickly were able to assess the gaps in these systems and developed procedures for them.  In addition David streamlined the fundraising project called Adopt-A-Pony program.  Setting up these procedures not only helped us utilise our human resources more efficiently and effectively in  in the short term, they also provided long term benefits by reducing the need for staff hours in performing these tasks.

“The Hub also provided staff that worked directly with Pegasus in administrative assistance and support with financials.  These individuals also fitted into the workplace quickly and easily and helped us in a time where we needed support to move forward.  Staff from The Hub are able to assess a workplace, its ethos and culture quickly.  They fit well into the existing staff structure and are particularly adept at assessing where systems and procedures need to be updated and implemented.  We are grateful to The Hub for their ongoing assistance with Pegasus.”

  • Colin from a local Canberra Tennis Club

tennis club“We joined the local tennis club to play tennis, not take on another job on top of our day jobs.  On the Committee, we reluctantly did the routine administration all the while wishing we were out on the courts with the other members.  Since signing with the ACT-ABC-Hub, we can relax, enjoy our tennis, and strategically focus on making the club what we want it to be – a valued and sustainable community meeting place.”

  • Ian, Landscape Gardener in the ACT

sb 2“Strangely enough, I set up my and landscape gardening business to do gardening and landscaping!  I didn’t really understand that I  would have to work hard all day, come home tired and sore, spend an hour with my daughter over dinner, and then do the book-keeping (slowly and badly) until the early hours.  After I signed with the ACT-ABC-Hub, they helped me work through my options.  When it became clear that my business was not going to be viable, they effectively, efficiently and sensitively guided me through the bankruptcy process.  I now have a clear plan to get back on my feet.”

  • Kathy & Brian from the ACT who are very busy being retired

grandparents_1371795c“I used to think Brian and I were well-organised – but we were spending more and more time just trying to keep up with the day to day administrivia of life.  Then we went away on holidays and then Brian got sick.  We came home, we mislaid a few bills, we missed a few payments, and we found ourselves in a bit of a pickle.  We needed someone to filter out the noise and just tell us what we needed to know, what the choices were, and then act according to our wishes.  Signing with the ACT-ABC-Hub allowed us to simplify our existence, take some shelter from the barrage of correspondence, and focus on the things that are important to us – like our health and the grandchildren!”

  • Margaret from the ACT Community Sector

marg social worker“I volunteered to help people with disabilities, not be a struggling office administrator and trainee book-keeper.  Since we signed with the ACT-ABC-Hub, instead of spending hours slowly doing things poorly that I don’t really understand or enjoy, I can now concentrate on making a difference to the lives of the people who I joined this organisation to help.”



Aldoweb“In particular I want to acknowledge David [Bailey] for bringing an extraordinary level of professionalism to our work and for his keen eye on process and procedure and providing us with a robust governance framework that had been sadly lacking.”


Maree-Nutt“The Hub began providing bookkeeping and financial reporting services to RESULTS International Australia in June 2013.  At that time, RESULTS processes and reports were over-complicated and difficult to understand.  Through the efforts of the Hub, RESULTS financial processes and reports have become more streamlined and more accurate.

“The Hub has provided professional, reliable and timely advice on many issues and also assisted our charity to implement processes for improved financial management over the long term.  It’s very reassuring, and a great relief, to have The Hub providing these services to RESULTS.”

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