Dynamic Group Facilitation

Are you lonely?  Work on your own?  Hate having to make decisions…then hold a meeting!  You can give the illusion of progress without actually doing anything!  You can feel important, impress or bore your colleagues, share blame for decisions, meet other people, and with luck sleep in peace…and all in work time!


Meetings get pretty bad press but only because they are notoriously badly run.  Hub Staff know that a gram of planning saves a tonne of pain.  We can introduce you to a range of Meeting Improvement Possibilities including sorting out:

  • Purpose & Process
  • Timing & Format
  • Responsibility & Decision-making
  • Agenda & Papers
  • Compelling Story-Telling
  • Participants & Special needs
  • Chair or Facilitator
  • Venue & Facilities
  • Guidelines & Records
  • Risk Management & Continuous Improvement

Hub staff have over 25 years experience successfully planning & facilitating productive meetings for our clients including in such areas as:

  • Participative Job & Work Redesign
  • Business Planning of all types
  • Whole of Government ICT Planning
  • Establishing CanberraConnect
  • National Threat Abatement Planning for Chytridiomycosis
  • National Threat Abatement Planning for Eucalyptus Dieback
  • National Management Strategies for the Grey-Headed Flying-Fox
  • National Guidelines on the Entry, Movement and Keeping of Exotic Vertebrates
  • National Guidelines on Resource Allocations for Managing the Australian Alps
  • Socio-cultural competencies for academic and personal success for students from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • Management Strategies for an Urban Area with Elevated Levels of Naturally Occurring Soil Arsenic
  • A National Water Catchment Classification Methodology
  • A National Approach to the Devolution of Commonwealth Landcare Funding.

If you need an independent facilitator, contact the Hub.  When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen!