Human Capital Management Auditing


Simply stated, human capital management means managing our people.  Effective human capital management is about ensuring that appropriately informed, motivated and skilled staff are performing to agreed business priorities.

The human capital management concept centres on viewing employees as valued assets whose value can be enhanced through continued management and investment.  The goal is to maximise value while managing risk.

The Hub’s Human Capital Management Auditing Methodology has been developed based on a good practice model from the US General Accounting Office.  They developed the model in consultation with nine leading US private sector organisations including Federal Express, IBM, Motorola, South West Airlines, Sears Roebuck, Xerox and a number of public sector agencies.

The Hub’s Methodology has been successfully implemented in several organisations, and has also formed the basis of some related management consulting activity in other organisations.

 What is it?

The Hub’s Methodology is based around 5 key business processes summarised below:

  • Strategic planning – Establishing the organisation’s mission, vision for the future, core values, goals and business unit objectives and strategies.
  • Organisational alignment – Integrating and aligning human capital management strategies with business strategies and directions.
  • Organisational leadership – Fostering committed leadership teams and providing reasonable continuity through succession planning.
  • Talent management – Attracting, recruiting, developing, and retaining employees with the skills and enthusiasm for mission accomplishment.
  • Performance management – Empowering and motivating employees while ensuring accountability and fairness in the workplace.

The greatest value of the Hub’s Human Capital Management Audit Methodology is that it is totally flexible, and can be focussed on particular areas of an organisation or particular processes within an organisation.

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