Time-Poor Individuals, Couples & Families

Family in kitchen with laptopAre you overwhelmed with routine paperwork?  Are you bombarded with information and choice?  Does every business want to engage with you – on line, on Facebook, on Twitter, on weekends?  Have you got more important things to do with your time?  Or do you just want someone to filter out the noise?

The Hub can take the hassle out of the administrivia of everyday life.  The Hub provides practical “lifestyle-saving” support for Time-Poor Individuals, Couples and Families.  It allows you to get more out of your life and follow your passions while we do what we do best – provide coaching and/or tailored value-for-money lifestyle support.

When you’re retired, while you’re on an overseas posting or on an overseas holiday, or just busy focusing on your passion, the Hub can help you by:

  • Coaching you through complex decisions and transitions
  • Managing your mail, only passing on items that require action
  • Keeping track of, and paying, your bills (utilities, insurances, etc)
  • Interviewing & short-listing potential professional & domestic service providers.

When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen – so contact the Hub!